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Multi Pack - 3 or 6 - Foam Tipped Carbon Fiber

Multi Pack - 3 or 6 - Foam Tipped Carbon Fiber

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  • 30" carbon fiber arrow shaft
  • The large surface area of the foam head absorbs more impact
  • Soft nock won't break on pavement
  • Available in seven colors: RED / WHITE / BLACK / BLUE / YELLOW / NEON ORANGE* / NEON GREEN* / MIX**

*Neon colors glow under blacklights | **Mixed color packs are random colors

Our carbon fiber arrows with foam-tipped arrowheads offer children, beginners, archery programs, and many others a safe way to shoot arrows and learn archery. Use them with most Recurve Bows to start practicing archery safely.

Contact us if you're ordering a large quantity for a school or camp (or another institutional program) that offers archery.

Have your own shafts? Order the foam-tipped arrowheads separately.

For shooting at targets only.

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