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Complete Backyard Beginner Archery Set With Bow and Arrows

Complete Backyard Beginner Archery Set With Bow and Arrows

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Here is everything you'll need to start practicing archery at home. Set up the target in a matter of minutes and have your own archery range to practice all year round (weather permitting)!

The carbon fiber arrows with foam-tip arrowheads let beginners learn and practice archery safely. The modular design of the arrowhead allows broken parts (e.g. broken arrow shafts) to be swapped out for a brand-new shaft.

Choose from the Scout Bow or Ranger Bow.

What's in the box?

  • 1 x Target Assembly (frame + choice of target design)
  • 1 x Beginner Recurve Bow (Scout OR Ranger)
  • 6 x Carbon Fiber Arrows with Foam-Tip Arrowheads
  • 1 x Archery Armguard
  • 1 x Beginner's Shooting Manual and Game Instructions

Sets with No Bows can be paired with Bear® Archery bows, offered in our store for heavier bow poundage (most suitable for adults).

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The assembly manuals come with pictures to ease you through putting it together for the first time.

It took us 7 minutes to assemble with a 1-person setup, and about half the time with 2 people.


You can set it up anywhere with a good amount of space (we recommend a starting distance of 15-20 feet).

If there are people around, just make sure they're not in the line of fire.


Each arrow features a large foam-tipped arrowhead.

They look like giant marshmallows and mitigate the inherent dangers associated with traditional archery. Safe for kids, safe for adults.

Why buy Arrowsoft?

Our mission is to provide simple, safe, and strong archery equipment for beginners to start learning and practicing archery. Our patented foam-tipped arrows are modular, meaning you can attach foam-tipped arrowheads onto the arrow shafts to practice safely in your backyard (or other safe environments). You can also detach the foam-tipped arrowheads when you want to experiment with other types of arrowheads.