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Made in Canada

Our patented foam-tipped arrow system is designed and manufactured in Canada. You know you'll be getting the best quality products.


With the Arrowsoft safe-string system running down the arrow shafts, you'll never have to worry about firing a broken shaft during archery battles.


Save your money! When arrows break and/or wear, you can simply replace the broken parts and re-use the undamaged parts. No more replacing entire arrows!

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Our answers to the most common questions we receive.

Yes! Our arrows were originally designed for combat archery games (a.k.a. “archery tag, arrow tag, foam-tipped archery”), where players are tasked with shooting each other with bows and arrows.

Our manufacturing facility is located in Toronto, ON. Our storefront is our website, and the majority of our sales are processed online. You can also place bulk orders by reaching out to us via email.

Depending on the shipping speed that you selected at checkout, you should expect to receive your order within 4-12 business days (Canada) and 6-13 business days (United States). If you live in or are visiting the Toronto area, you can pickup your order for free from our GTA partner retailer, Archery Circuit, at 3791 Victoria Park Avenue Unit 8.

It’s a great time to pickup a new hobby at any stage of your life. Whether you’re a child or adult, beginner or pro, you’ll find value and comfort purchasing:

• The line of bows that we offer (sourced from industry pioneer Bear Archery ®), from the “Wizard” youth bow to the “Firebird” adult bow.

• Arrowsoft foam-tipped arrows, which are made of real carbon fiber and are modular, so if you ever break an arrow, you can simply replace the part at a fraction of the cost. Longer lasting arrows = money saved over time.

Archery equipment is not cheap. We felt the same way when we initially started as a combat archery facility in Toronto. However, whether you’re looking for combat archery equipment or target practice in the yard, our bows and arrows are priced competitively with other industry leaders. Keep in mind, the quality of the arrow should not be sacrificed, and with our patented modular arrow system, you save money in the long-term when arrows get lost or break.


For any inquiries, send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can (usually the same business day!)

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