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Backyard beginner archery set with beginner recurve bow, carbon fiber arrows with foam-tipped arrowheads, and "Paint Splat" target board | Arrowsoft Sports

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We are a Preferred Vendor for the Ontario Camps Association.

That means our equipment has met the same standards of Safety, Quality, & Performance that is practiced by all summer camps in Ontario.

Practice at home. Save time, save money.

The Complete Beginner Archery Set can be set up right in your backyard, park, cottage, and many other places with at least 20 feet of space.

More than 20,000 people have used the Complete Beginner’s Archery Set to practice archery at archery venues across Canada.

Now you can own one and start practicing at home.

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Our answers to the most common questions we receive.

Yes! All ages beginners, whether they’re kids, teenagers, or adults, can learn and practice archery safely with each of our beginner archery sets that come with foam-tipped arrows.

These arrows were originally designed for combat archery (a.k.a. “archery tag”), where players are tasked with shooting each other with bows and arrows.

These arrows will not cause penetrating trauma if they accidentally hit someone. With that said, you should still be aware of your environment while shooting.

Unfortunately, we do not offer repair services for bows and other archery equipment.

We sell bows, arrows, target boards (and more!) curated for beginners to start learning and practicing archery.

We currently ship within Canada.

We generally ship with Canada Post or ChitChats Express.

Good equipment isn’t cheap, and cheap equipment isn’t good.

We price our equipment for beginners, and all our equipment is guaranteed to last long after you start investing in more advanced equipment.

To compare, a membership at your local archery range will cost you hundreds of dollars annually (not including time and gas commuting)!

We’re trying to break down the cost and accessibility barriers that keep many potential archers from ever trying.


For any inquiries, send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can (usually the same business day!)




Congratulations on taking your first step to becoming a sensational archer.

Browse our collection of beginner-friendly archery sets, or explore some of our free guides to help you get started on your archery journey.

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