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Arrowsoft Sports



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  • 2 options to choose from: 7 feet by 7 feet or  12 feet by 9 feet net (width x height)
  • Light and portable (Comes with a carrying bag)
  • Easy & quick to set up and takedown with 1 or 2 people
  • Mitigates the risk of accidentally shooting arrows into crowded areas or bushes
  • Ideal for parks, beaches, and other open spaces

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Large Back Net for Catching Arrows

The Complete Beginner Backyard Archery Set is meant to be used anywhere. if you're shooting the foam-tipped arrows in your backyard, there's a chance that you may overshoot the target and lose an arrow in your neighbor's yard. At the very least, you'll have to know on their door and explain you shot an arrow into their yard. With these 7'x7' or 12'x9' nets to catch your arrows, you won't have that problem anymore!


A large 7x7ft or 12x9ft net to use with your Backyard Archery Set (sold separately).

It's an additional level of safety, for those of us who need it.

Archery Anywhere Archery Anytime

A quick, simple set up allows you to practice anywhere. Some of our favorites include the park, beach, cottage, and driveway.


The steel frame and powder-coated paint ensure years of use with proper care. The fiberglass poles bend and flex to absorb the force of the arrow. A polyester netting is used to catch any stray arrows. Polypropylene is an ideal material to withstand any rainy or intensely sunny weather.

What's in the box?

  • Steel frame
  • Fiberglass poles
  • Polyester knotless netting
  • Ground pegs
  • Carrying bag

Why buy Arrowsoft?

Our mission is to provide simple, safe, and strong archery equipment for beginners to start learning and practicing archery. Our patented foam-tipped arrows are modular, meaning you can attach foam-tipped arrowheads onto the arrow shafts to practice safely in your backyard (or other safe environments). You can also detach the foam-tipped arrowheads when you want to experiment with other types of arrowheads.