Foam Arrowheads

keep it fun.

Real foam, for real arrows.

Whether you’re running combat archery or shooting at targets in your backyard / business / basement, foam-tipped arrows keep you  and those around you safe.

Need Reasons to Switch?

Strong as the Rest, Better than the Best


Competitor: ~7 months

Arrowsoft: 12-16 months

Effective Impact Area3

Competitors: ~46cm2

Arrowsoft: 63cm2


Competitor: 81fps

Arrowsoft: 106fps

Operating Costs4

Competitors: Licensing*, Importing, Equipment, and Restocking Fees

Arrowsoft Costs: Equipment

1 Average time until unsafe to use / needed to be replaced

2 Average speed: Competitor Arrows: 81FPS; Arrowsoft Foam-Tipped Combat Arrows: 106FPS

3 The "Effective Impact Area" is the surface area of the face of the head mount. The larger the surface area, the more force the foam-tip will absorb.

4 Annual savings based on first-year of R&D at partnering combat archery facilities

* Not all combat archery suppliers charge licensing fees; however, we certainly do not.

Experienced Support Team

Our team works directly with combat archery facilities. We’ve spent thousands of hours on research and development, testing out what the market had to offer and tweaking our final product. We are eager to work with customers to implement what we’ve learned.

No licensing fees. Real people with real experience and genuine, tested tips.

We ran controlled tests at local combat archery facilities in our beta program for one year before launching Arrowsoft Sports, testing our arrows against industry leaders and various Chinese suppliers.

Our arrowheads lasted 47% longer than competing arrows (on average) with no significant differences between competitors.

Endless Opportunities

The Arrowsoft foam-tipped arrow system was designed in Toronto, ON. Many of the crucial components are manufactured right here in Canada, so you know you’re getting the best quality.

The foam arrowhead system can be mounted on standard 6.2mm OD arrows, which are one of the most common sizes on the market. 

If you’d like to get your shafts from one supplier, we offer real carbon-fiber arrowshafts, including the combat arrowshaft that has a “safety-string” feature that prevents broken arrows from being fired.

With top speeds of over 100FPS* (feet per second), our complete foam-tipped arrows offer a more realistic archery experience. When tested against competing arrows, Arrowsoft foam-tipped arrows traveled 22% faster than competing arrows.

Whether you’re running archery battles, practicing in your backyard, or cosplaying, the Arrowsoft foam-tipped arrows ensure you & those around you are safe.

Stocking and re-stocking archery equipment can add up bills over time. 

Arrowsoft’s modular arrows are designed so that undamaged parts can be unassembled and re-used for repairs in the future, translating to 37% lower overhead costs in the first year4.

We also offer competitive pricing on bulk orders on all inventory. Save up to 30% on complete combat arrows when purchasing bulk quantities. Please contact us for more information.

Try Risk-Free Today

It’s difficult to try new things. We believe in our product, and so we’re offering a 100%, 60 day money-back guarantee on your first order* of foam arrowheads OR complete foam-tipped arrows. No questions asked.

1 %

*Offer applies to standard “trial” set of 6x foam-tipped combat OR practice arrows OR 10x foam-tipped arrowhead assembly. One trial order per address. While supplies last. Please contact Arrowsoft Sports Inc. for more details.*

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