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We are a Preferred Vendor for the Ontario Camps Association.

That means our equipment has met the standards of Quality & Performance of those at the core of the summer camp industry in Ontario.

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. . . with modular foam-tipped arrows

Shaft breaks? Swap in a new one. Foam head starting to look a little worn? No problem, you have extras from taking apart previous arrows. Everything is replaceable with our foam-tipped arrows. Save THOUSANDS on arrows as you operate business as usual.

Carbon Fiber Arrow with Foam-Tipped Arrowhead Arrowsoft Sports breakdown for schools and camps

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= more money in your pocket
You benefit from:

• Reuseable parts – swap out broken parts with new parts at a fraction of the cost of replacing the whole arrow.

• Protected fletchings that last 70% longer than existing arrows.

• Fast processing & shipping times – based in Toronto, Canada, we use express delivery services to get you your order as soon as possible.

No licensing fees. We’ll never make you pay or lock you into a long-term contract to source your equipment from us.

We’ve worked with over 50 000 archers (beginners, experts, kids, seniors, and everything in-between!) and have consulted and supplied hundreds of archery programs across Canada.

The numbers

We will never charge licensing fees to incorporate our equipment into your program. By using our modular foam-tipped arrows, you’ll never waste arrows again – just swap out broken parts for new parts to get a fully-functioning arrow.

Our customers save (on average) 50% annually on overhead costs (e.g. replacing broken arrows and damaged parts) with modular arrows.

Competitor Arrows
Equipment costs
Cost of replacing arrows
Licensing Fees*
Arrowsoft Sports® Modular Arrows
Equipment costs
Cost of replacing arrows
Licensing Fees (None)

*Where Licensing Fees apply. Not all companies charge Licensing Fees.

schools and camps:
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