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The Arrowsoft System

When an arrow strikes its target, the amount of force transferred depends on two factors:

  1. the mass of the arrow
  2. the speed at which it is traveling

By controlling at least one of these factors, we control the level of safety for players during a game of combat archery.

The Effective Impact Zone

Foam-tipped arrows help make combat archery safe for all ages*, and the primary reason is the foam head component, which absorbs most of the kinetic energy upon impact. The greater the area of the foam head, the more energy it can absorb, which means less force is applied onto players who get hit.

The “Effective Impact Zone” is the zone measured from the point at which the plastic arrow shaft meets the foam to the tip of the foam itself.

The Effective Impact Area

Another factor of force absorption in foam-tipped arrows is the surface area of the plastic face which the foam head rests on.

Imagine hitting a flat surface with your fist versus an open palm. The open palm has more surface area during point of contact for the force to spread out, hence less impact on the receiving end.

Arrowsoft has integrated this principle into the design of our arrows. Similar to the open palm, a wider plastic face will accommodate a wider foam piece, allowing for the force of impact to spread itself out. We call this area the “Effective Impact Area.”

The Arrowsoft system is designed to optimize the Effective Impact Zone and the Effective Impact Area. By designing a wider plastic face and a bigger foam piece to go along with it, we have disrupted the concentration of energy upon impact. At the point of contact, the player getting hit will feel less force from an Arrowsoft arrow than any other arrow available worldwide.

Effective Impact Zone = 4.763 cm / 1.875″ Effective Impact Area = 63.2 / 9.80
Effective Impact Zone = 3.334 cm / 1.313″ Effective Impact Area = 52.3 / 8.10
Primary Impact Zone = 1.905 cm / 0.750″ Secondary Impact Zone = 4.445 cm / 1.750″ Effective Impact Area = 54.52 / 8.45
Effective Impact Zone = 2.54 cm / 1″ Effective Impact Area = 31.0 / 4.8


Combat archery is a game of fast reflexes and quick thinking. Its thrill comes from the intensity and excitement of firing a bow and arrow while trying to dodge enemy fire at the same time. Arrowsoft Sports recognizes that part of this thrill is the skill and danger involved. As explained up above, our Arrowsoft system has been designed to reduce the amount of impact felt by players who get tagged by our arrows, but another danger that exists in this sport is potential harm that comes from using broken arrows. Arrows generally break in two spots: the head or the shaft. When the head breaks, the arrow shaft is exposed with the broken end. During the rush and adrenaline of an combat archery match, players may not notice this broken arrow with the pointed broken end. Firing a broken arrow can potentially result in severe to fatal injuries. We’ve taken safety into our own hands and have designed arrows that will not fire when fractured at the shaft. Our safety string tethers our arrows from end to end. With the string running through the entire length of the arrow, from point to nock, Arrowsoft arrows cannot be fired if they are broken, and a quick glance will make it obvious to players that it cannot be used. By making it impossible to fire a broken Arrowsoft arrows, we significantly reduce the likelihood of accidental harm, and keep combat archery safe and fun for everybody. Check out our modular components to get the full details on our premier Arrowsoft arrows.
Arrowsoft Safety String

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