Foam-Tipped Arrowhead Assembly (Set of 10: 60-day money-back GUARANTEE)

$99.99 $89.99


Foam-Tipped Arrowhead Assembly (Set of 10: 60-day money-back GUARANTEE)

$99.99 $89.99

All prices are in CAD. 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee on this package of 10 foam-tipped arrowhead assembly.

With 6.2mm I.D. on the head mount, these foam-tipped arrowheads can be mounted on common 6.2mm O.D. arrowshafts OR combined with our premium carbon fiber arrowshaft line.



These foam-tipped arrow heads are designed use on most common-sized arrow shafts (I.D. 6.2mm) and fly faster than industry leaders. There’s no need to sacrifice realism for safety when you can have both. This foam-tipped arrow head was engineered in Canada by Arrowsoft to target a problem in the combat archery industry: the high cost of replacing broken arrows. Our foam-tipped arrow heads are fully modular and will provide the lowest maintenance and replacement costs over time. In the fast-paced sport of combat archery, the interchangeable parts in our arrows translate to lower replacement costs relative to other industry leaders. The Arrowsoft foam-tipped arrow heads maximize the impact zone to cushion the impact.


The head mount is made of highly durable thermoplastic, allowing it to withstand the most extreme wear and tear scenarios. Stepping on and crushing the head piece will not break the head mount. The head mount has been designed to accommodate the foam-head, which features an optimized amount of padding and surface area to cushion the blow upon impact. The Arrowsoft foam-tipped arrow system allows for disassembly to maintain and reuse the various components as required. The assembled arrow head will fit most common-sized arrows with an I.D. of 6.2mm.

The foam tips act as cushions that absorbs impact. Our combat arrows are perfect for combat archery! Learn more.

The elastic brace securing the foam head is made of synthetic vulcanized rubber polymer and is manufactured in Canada. It is not solid and does not cause injuries in and of itself.

What’s in the box?

• 10 x Arrowsoft foam-tipped arrow head assembly (foam head, head mount, elastic brace, screw)

• 1 x Assembly tool

We offer competitive pricing for bulk arrow orders. Please contact us if you would like to place a large arrow order (min. $500 order for bulk arrow pricing).

With over 15 years of combined combat archery experience, our team has designed a foam arrow that outperforms industry leaders and is safer and cheaper to replace in the long term. Many trials and errors have shown that our arrows work best with the line of archery bows that we offer; however, our arrows work with the majority of recurve bows on the market.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality recreational archery equipment on the market. Arrowsoft’s innovative arrow design focuses on safety and modular affordable parts (arrows break, it’s inevitable – why replace the entire thing, when you can just replace the part?). Check out the Arrowsoft foam-tipped arrow system. Please contact us for any additional information.

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