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Complete Foam-Tip Arrowheads | Fits Many Arrowshafts


A complete foam-tip arrowhead assembly that can be screwed onto an arrow shaft*. Order these if you already have arrow shafts.

These foam-tip arrowheads offer children, beginners, and archery programs a safe way to practice archery.

Contact us if you’re ordering for a school or camp (or another program) that offers archery.

* These foam-tip arrowheads can be screwed onto arrow shafts with an inner diameter (I.D.) of ~6.2mm. If you are unsure whether these arrowheads will fit your arrows, please contact us and we will do our best to help you figure out if this product is right for you.

Don’t have arrow shafts? Order complete carbon fiber arrows with foam-tipped arrowheads.

What’s in the box?

  • 1 x Complete Foam-Tip Arrowhead parts (Foam Head, Head Mount, Elastic Brace, & screw)
  • 1 x Assembly Tool


Complete Foam-Tip Arrowheads

Beginners can learn and practice archery safely with Arrowsoft’s foam-tip arrowheads.

These arrowheads fit most common-sized arrow shafts with an inner diameter (I.D.) of ~6.2mm. The modular design allows you to detach the foam heads so you can attach other arrowheads to your arrow shafts.

Foam-tip arrowheads make learning and practicing archery safe for beginners. Archery instructors and school teachers can teach archery with less help and supervision (vs. teaching archery to large groups using traditional blunt- or rubber-tipped arrows).


Head Mount

The Head Mount is made of a highly durable thermoplastic and can withstand the most extreme wear and tear from heavy usage. Stepping-on and crushing the head piece will not break the Head Mount.

arrowsoft foam-tip arrowhead with red head mount

Foam Head

The Foam Head mounts onto the Head Mount and features a large surface area and volume, absorbing more impact (vs. other foam heads that are hollow / are mounted on a large plastic screw).

arrowsoft elastic brace for foam-tip arrowheads

Elastic Brace

The Elastic Brace secures the Foam Head onto the Head Mount. It is made of synthetic vulcanized rubber polymer. This material is soft and does not cause injuries.

Using the Elastic Brace to secure the Foam Head allows the foam to be shaped in a way that maximizes surface area and volume. This results in more impact being absorbed when an arrow hits its target.

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