Carbon Fiber Arrows with…


Carbon Fiber Arrows with Foam-Tipped Arrowheads


*Pricing varies depending on quantity. Please refer to pricing chart below for details.

Our carbon fiber arrows with foam-tipped arrowheads offer children, beginners, archery programs, and many others a safe way to shoot arrows and learn archery. Use them with a Bear® Archery beginner bow to start practicing archery safely.

Contact us if you’re ordering for a school or camp (or another program) that offers archery.

Have your own shafts? Order the foam-tipped arrowheads separately.

For shooting at targets only.


30″ carbon fiber arrow shaft
The large surface area on the foam tips absorb more impact
Soft nock that won’t break on pavement
Available in seven colors: BLUE / RED / YELLOW / WHITE / BLACK / NEON GREEN* / NEON ORANGE*

*NEON colors glow under blacklights


Please contact us for pricing on larger orders of Carbon Fiber Arrows with Foam Tip Arrowheads.

the breakdown

Carbon Fiber Arrows with Foam Tip Arrowheads

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