TITAN Beginner Bow for…


TITAN Beginner Bow for Learning Archery | 20-29lbs Draw Weight



  • 60″ overall bow length
  • 22-28″ draw length
  • 20-29lbs draw weight
  • Durable composite limbs
  • For both left- and right-handed shooters
  • Ideal for teenagers and adults


The base bowstring does not come with finger guards pre-installed. Both the braided nylon and dacron bowstring options come with finger guards pre-installed.


The “TITAN” Beginner Bow

The TITAN beginner bow is our most popular bow, offering the perfect combination of power and usability. This simple and reliable recurve bow is great for all skill levels and challenges beginners to practice with a heavier bow. We do not recommend this bow to small children (the draw weight might be too heavy for their little arms!).

Bowstrings gradually stretch over time with regular use. Dacron bowstrings are a premium upgrade option that lasts longer than OEM bowstrings. Additionally, dacron bowstrings come with finger guards pre-installed for added comfort while shooting.

Dacron is the industry standard for professional bowstrings around the world. It is both lightweight and resistant to tearing.


The TITAN beginner bow features a sturdy fiberglass frame that can withstand the most intense wear-and-tear that comes with heavy-use. Fiberglass is the ideal material for withstanding rain or intense weather and ensures the bow will not bend or warp due to the elements.

Our arrow shafts are made with carbon fiber, minimizing the weight of the arrow. As a result, the arrows fly faster and farther.

The foam-tip arrowheads act as cushions that absorb impact. They’ll keep you and your surroundings safe during target practice!

What’s in the box?

• 1x TITAN bow and bowstring (choose type of bowstring)

(OPTIONAL) 3 / 6 / 12 x carbon fiber arrows with foam-tipped arrowheads

Why buy Arrowsoft?

Our mission is to provide simple, safe, and strong archery equipment for beginners to start learning and practicing archery. Our patented foam-tipped arrows are modular, meaning you can attach foam-tipped arrowheads onto the arrow shafts to practice safely in your backyard (or other safe environments). You can also detach the foam-tip arrowheads for other arrowheads when you want to experiment with other types of arrowheads.

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