Premium Anti-Fogging Mask for Combat Archery | Adjustable Size | BLACK / RED / BLUE


Premium Anti-Fogging Mask for Combat Archery | Adjustable Size | BLACK / RED / BLUE



  • Replaceable anti-fog lens
  • Built-in visor (does not come off)
  • 260° field of vision
  • Soft foam padding the face for comfort during play
  • ONE SIZE FITS MOST: adjustable head- and chin-straps for proper fitment and safety: fits both kids and adults
  • Choice of color: BLACK / RED / BLUE


Premium Anti-Fogging and Adjustable Mask for Combat Archery

Wear a mask to protect your face during combat archery (or paintball). We have gone through many different masks and helmets to find the best all-around masks to wear during combat archery. This adjustable anti-fogging mask came out on top as the all-around favorite, with a wide field of vision (260°) and easy, adjustable sizing straps. Inside the mask, there is a soft foam that lines the area around the eyes and nose, softening blows (especially during combat archery!) to the head. This stylish mask is used for both paintball and combat archery.


This mask features a replaceable anti-fog lens that gives the wearer a 260° field of vision for maximum awareness and protection during gameplay. Soft face foam lines the interior, offering padding and comfort for your face while you’re playing.

What’s in the box?

• 1 x anti-fogging mask for combat archery (choice of BLACK or RED or BLUE)

Why buy Arrowsoft?

Our mission is to provide simple, safe, and strong archery equipment for beginners to start learning and practicing archery. Our patented foam-tipped arrows are modular, meaning you can attach foam-tipped arrowheads onto the arrow shafts to practice safely in your backyard (or other safe environments). You can also detach the foam-tip arrowheads for other arrowheads when you want to experiment with other types of arrowheads.

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