The all-ages, all-terrain backyard archery set.
You can now practice archery safely in the comfort of your home, backyard, office, or business. Our flagship product, the backyard archery set, comes with your choice of design (the classic “Paint Splat” or our modern “Red X”).

Each backyard archery set comes with:

Choice of recurve bow:

• The “Firebird” is suitable for ages 16+
• The “Titan” is suitable for ages 12+
• The “Crusader” is suitable for ages 9+
• The “Wizard” is suitable for ages 7+

Choice of target board design:

• Paint Splat
• Red “X”

6 Arrowsoft Foam-Tipped Practice Arrows (no safety-string feature)
Premium Red-Leather Armguard

Quality guaranteed.
All archery sets come with a 1-year warranty against any tears and rips from regular use* on the boards and any breaks from regular use** on the bows.
*Boards must be treated with care. Do not leave boards outside in storms and in busy areas.
**Bows must not be dry-fired. Please treat bows as you would treat any piece of high-quality equipment.