Combat archery demands much from its equipment, with arrows being the most actively used element. While under the threat of fire, archers are constantly scrambling for cover and running forward to seize the initiative, preparing to return fire. This results in trampled arrows, incorrect loading, or misfired arrows hitting hard surfaces. This can cause arrow shafts to break apart, which is why the Arrowsoft Systems enables quick and easy swapping of arrow shafts to keep the action going. Arrowsoft arrow shafts also come with protected fletchings that are most durable and less likely to come apart.

Arrowsoft arrows feature a safety string that prevents players from accidentally firing a broken arrow.

Arrows with an exposed shaft (i.e. without a fully-assembled and mounted head piece) should never be fired. Doing so can result in serious and/or fatal injuries.


The first point of impact occurs at the foam head. Our cross-linked polyethylene foam heads are resilient and light, weighing only four grams. These replaceable heads have firm compression and offer excellent energy absorption, minimizing the force of impact.

The foam heads should always be properly attached before firing an arrow.


The head mount is made of highly durable thermoplastic, allowing it to withstand the most extreme wear and tear scenarios. Stepping on and crushing the head piece will not break the head mount. This component has been designed to accommodate the maximum amount of padding and surface area when making contact with a target. The Arrowsoft system allows for disassembly to maintain and reuse the head mount as required. Will fit most common-sized arrows with an I.D. of 6.2mm.


Made from synthetic rubber, the elastic brace is the key component that secures the foam head to the arrow shaft. These durable braces are soft and flexible, allowing them to deform during impact. The arms enable tightening of compressed foam heads that have seen extensive usage. The elastic can be easily replaced if damaged.

Elastic braces should always have four arms attached to the head mount, and should NEVER be used otherwise.


SIZE = 8-32 x 1″

Screws attach the head mount to the shaft. We do not sell screws; however, the size 8-32 x 1″ screws are very common sizes and can be bought in any major hardware store such as Home Depot.

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