How to String a Recurve Bow (with Pictures)

Knowing how to string a recurve bow is one of the first things you’ll learn as you get into archery. Here, we’ll take a look at the “Step-Through” method to stringing a recurve bow. Historically, the “Step-Through” method was one of the original ways we would string our bows. While using a bow stringer is recommended whenever possible, the “Step-Through” method is an option if done properly and safely.

The “Step-Through” method consists of the following 4 steps. To unstring your bow, simply reverse these steps.

Step 1

Hook the bottom loop of the string around the bottom of the bow. Make sure the string is the right way up. The shorter finger guard should be on top.

how to string a recurve bow - step 1: make sure the bowstring is the right way up

Step 2

While holding the bow in front of you, step through the bow and the string. Hold the bow securely between the back of your thigh and the front of your shin.

how to string a recurve bow - step 2

Step 3

Bring the limb of the bow towards the end of the string. Turn your torso to help your arms with bending the bow.

how to string a bow - step 3: step through method

For Dacron strings: Give the string about 10-12 twists before hooking on the bow

Step 4

Check each end of the bow to ensure the string is seated correctly and securely.

holding a strung recurve bow
Vector - Stringing Bow - Ref

That’s it! After following these steps, you should know how to string a recurve bow using the “Step Through” method.

Basic Bow Maintenance

  • NEVER dry fire your bow
  • Unstring your bow when not using
  • Avoid exposing the bow to extreme temperatures
  • Adjust the finger guard before shooting
  • Inspect the string for any frays (for Dacron strings)
  • Wax your bowstring regularly to protect it (for Dacron strings)

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