The Complete Beginner Archery Set.

Your Backyard will never be the same.

Fun. Safe. Perfect for the backyard, cottage, park, and more.

  • Learn and practice archery safely with Bear® Archery recurve bows and real carbon fiber arrows that are tipped with foam.

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  • The sets are packaged and ready to go. We'll ship your order out the next day via a Canadian (or U.S.) postal service.
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2 Backyard Targets


  • Durable: able to withstand the elements
  • Set-up in minutes
  • Practice alone or with friends!
  • One of each design: the Arrowsoft "RED" and the best-selling "Paint Splat"

4 Bear Archery® Recurve Bows


  • Industry-trusted Bear Archery® bows
  • 1 of each bow: the "Firebird", the "Titan", the "Crusader", and the "Wizard"
  • All bows are ambidextrous, and the 4 bows will cover all ages!

3 Combat Archery Masks


  • DYE Paintball masks (for combat archery or paintball)
  • 1 of each color: red, blue, and black
  • 260° field of vision, adjustable fitment, and replaceable anti-fog lens

30 Foam-tipped Practice Arrows


  • Featuring Arrowsoft's modular foam-tipped arrow system
  • Choice of shaft colors: red, white, black, navy blue, neon green, neon orange
  • Real carbon fiber shafts (-/+ 0.003" straightness)
foam tip arrows for combat archery and target practice (black)


We are launching a Kickstarter campaign in Spring 2019. Until then, we’re building up a following via giveaways, word of mouth, and touring the country. You’ll hear from us when we announce the winner and when we go live on Kickstarter.

The goal is to bring safe archery to urban populations. Nowadays, with cities getting larger, commutes getting longer, and backyards getting smaller, fewer people are getting into archery. We were inspired by the number of people that loved archery when we worked with combat archery facilities. Their reactions to trying something new (or so rarely practiced) were amazing, and so we’re looking forward to the next step: enabling people everywhere (cities, suburbs, or farmland) to begin their jouney into the archery world.

It begins with foam-tipped arrows, but we’ll be bringing more than that. Stay tuned, come along for the ride, and win some prizes while you’re at it.

arrowsoft sports recycle

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

Our arrows are fully modular. Arrows will inevitably break, especially if you shoot them indoors (combat archery!). When you break one of our arrows, you can take it apart, re-use any of the unbroken parts, and recycle the rest*. By implementing the Arrowsoft modular arrow system, you'll reduce money spent on repairing and replacing broken arrows.

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