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Archery Program

If you’re looking to add archery to your program or want to improve upon an existing archery program, you’re in the right place.


Your Archery program

= more money in your pocket

The Arrowsoft system is designed by a team of former combat archery facility owners, coaches, and enthusiasts. You’ll get dedicated support for any questions, concerns, or plans growing your archery program, whether you’re looking to incorporate safer combat archery into your existing program, add combat archery as a program, or would like to simply incorporate foam-tipped arrows into a safe target-range setting.

You'll benefit from:

• Low maintenance costs on arrows, including lower repair and replacement costs on damaged or lost arrows.
• High-quality archery equipment, including parts manufactured in Canada and bows sourced from the United States.
• Fast processing & shipping times – get your program started within 1-2 weeks!
• Around-the-clock customer support – we’re here to help you even after business hours. Business-level customers receive around-the-clock support for those questions, concerns, or emergencies that just can’t wait.

We’ll also help you incorporate fun, challenging, and engaging games & activities into your program. Get support from a team that has been there, done that! We’ve worked with over 50 000 archers (beginners, experts, kids, seniors, and everything in-between!) and have consulted or supplied hundreds of archery programs across North America.


Program Costs

Unlike other industry-leaders, we don’t charge licensing fees to incorporate our equipment into your program. Furthermore, with our patented modular arrow system, you’ll save money on replacing broken or lost arrows by only replacing the part, not the whole.

Save on average 50% annually on overhead costs (including replacing broken, damaged, or lost arrows) with the Arrowsoft® modular foam-tipped arrow system.
Competitor Arrows
Licensing Fees*
Equipment costs
Cost of replacing broken arrows
Arrowsoft® Sports Foam-Tipped Arrows
Equipment costs
Cost of replacing broken arrows

*Where Licensing Fees apply. Not all companies charge Licensing Fees.

foam-tipped arrow parts

Try the Arrowsoft Foam-Tipped Arrow System


Enjoy a 60-day, no questions asked money-back GUARANTEE on a test-package of Arrowsoft® Sports foam-tipped arrows. Order a trial-package of 6 foam-tipped arrows (practice or combat) and try for yourself. If you’re not happy with the quality of the product, we’ll offer you a full refund, no questions asked. You won’t even need to ship the arrows back.

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